Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creativity in the Common Core Classroom

With the adoption of the Common Core Standards, states and school districts across the nation are scrambling to make sure their curricula meet the new expectations.

What has gotten lost in the shuffle with the new demands placed on professional educators is teacher creativity. Rigorous standards have often meant rigid demands on teachers in the classroom. Time that was spent connecting with students has been replaced with more content to teach. So the question in many educators’ minds is, “How do I still make learning engaging and meaningful for my students?” This is the million dollar question that both Eric and I intend to answer.

Please follow our blog and our Facebook page as we will be sharing proven methods to help keep the creativity in your classroom while meeting the Common Core Standards.

Some upcoming topics will be: Games for Great  Review, Using Youtube to Engage Students, Tying Music to Topics in the Classroom, Using Graphic Organizers, Electronics in Education, Energizers that Excite Your Students, Creating Assessments, and Content with Creativity.

Teaching is an art. Let us be one of the painters of the future of education!

Brian and Eric